7 Reasons You Should Know About OCR To Solve Data Entry Issues

OCR is one of the leading technologies in businesses today. So, how does it help with data entry problems?

Manual data entry and automation can be a problematic experience. In fact, experts firmly believe that business growth is haltered by data entry issues around the globe. One of the most common reasons behind this problem is going from physical to virtual.

In other words, turning physical manuscripts into virtual data. So, how can you solve this issue? The simple answer is by using OCR. But, that answer requires us to understand a few key things, such as:

  • What is OCR?
  • How can it possibly help businesses?
  • Moreover, how does it impact data entry issues in 2022?

Therefore, let’s dive in and find the answer to these viable questions. 

What Is OCR? 

OCR or optical character recognition is the machine reading technology, which presents words on a physical or virtual manuscript in the shape of editable text. The technology started around a century ago as a means to help blind people read/listen. 

Nowadays, it comes in many shapes and sizes, but we’ll talk about that in a bit. The primary task of any OCR tool is to read text from images, physical manuscripts, or scanned documents. The primary difference between physical and virtual OCR is the tactic.

While virtual OCR depends on AI and NLP elements, physical OCR like OCR pens and scanners depend on the actual lense that reads such text. 

As mentioned before, this technology has been around for over a century. That’s why it’s imperative to understand that it has evolved rapidly and became the OCR we know and use today over the decades.

The Types Of OCR Used In Tools Like Ocronline.info 

The four primary types of OCR tech that OCR Online uses are:

  • IWR

Intelligent word recognition is the primary technology that any viable OCR tool uses today. This technology is a valuable merge between AI and classic OCR, as it detects even the most difficult texts to read. 

This is the primary technology used in OCR Online as well. This alone allows the tool to explore and read texts without any delay and then turn them into an editable format.

  • ICR

ICR or intelligent character recognition or more or less the same as IWR. Except for reading words on a paper, this technology reads each character present on it. It’s ideal for usage in reading difficult or blurry images/texts.

  • OMR

Optical Mark Recognition or OMR is the technology that allows the machine to read marks on paper. This is viable in reading punctuations, mathematical signs, and other marks besides words.

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7 Reasons You Should Know About OCR To Solve Data Entry Issues

Now those intricacies are out of the way, let’s dive in and talk about the data entry issues. Since data entry is all about using every material you can get your hands on, OCR helps you use the said material without any hassle; here’s how: 

1. Read Blurry Images & Data

Data entry experts know that they often have to deal with incomprehensible data. This could be because the physical manuscript might be damaged, watered down, or weary from its age. That’s when an OCR tool can be a lifesaver for any Data Entry specialist. 

Here’s an example:

example of ocr online tool

As you can notice, the original image features blurry text, which is almost unfathomable. You can see how the OCR tool has efficiently extracted text from it on the bottom. 

This tells us how easily an OCR tool can help us improve our productivity. The tool has provided us with vital information our data-entry venture might need by reading a seemingly blurry image.

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2. Convert Scanned Images Into Editable Text

Editable text is one of the leading factors of data entry today. If any data entry specialist finds the editable text, then it’s a good day for them. Otherwise, it’s usually dealing with physical manuscripts, records, or texts of other kinds. 

That’s when the OCR tool comes to the clutch once more and helps save a lot of hassle. Here’s an example:

extract blurred images text using oce online

You can see here that we have taken an image from a PDF scan. Then, we ran it through OCR Online, and on the bottom editor, you can see how it has given us editable text without any hassle. 

3. Create Data Indexes For Easy Searching

Data indexes are a necessary part of data entry in any business. Using editable or searchable data is a dream for a data entry specialist. So, how can OCR help you with that?

  • By scanning necessary data
  • Turning said data into an editable format, as demonstrated above
  • Using otherwise unreadable information
  • Extracting information from unreadable texts

Therefore, it’s imperative to use OCR as a means to capture such text and turn it into searchable text.

4. Improve Work Efficiency By Using Manuscripts, Bills, Text

Improving work efficiency by extracting information from manuscripts, bills, and other forms can be a time saver. Here’s an example:

extract information from manuscripts and bills with help of online ocr

We extracted information from a lading bill. You can see that the OCR tool has captured text and marks, and other vital information. 

5. Promote A Cloud-Based & Paperless Approach 

In any data center, using material that everyone in the organization can access is a vital element for its success. As demonstrated throughout this article, OCR can help us create editable text formats and share them on clouds. This helps promote an environmental-friendly and paperless approach. 

6. Ensure Data Security & Safety

Data safety and security is one of the primary concerns of any data center around the globe. Physical manuscripts or texts can be challenging to keep safe, and that’s when cloud-based data can help immensely. So, using OCR and turning data into virtual storage can help secure it better. 

7. Unmatched Accuracy In Important Information 

Accuracy of information is something no data center can compromise. That’s why it’s imperative to use OCR. Here’s an example:

use of OCR

Alt title: Image Credit: GitHub.IO

Here we can see a bill, but can OCR extract information from it accurately?

OCR extract information - example

Yes, it can. Once again, OCR proves why it’s a vital technology & solution for any data entry issues around the globe. 


These are the 7 major reasons you need to know about OCR and why you need it in your data-entry arsenal.

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