How OCR technology can make it easier for you to write.

OCR technology is becoming one of the most important tech solutions with broader business use. But can it be useful for writers as well? Let’s find out in the article below. 

Some of the primary concerns of any writer today are:

  • Finding valuable research
  • Improving work efficiency 
  • Ensuring productivity throughout the day
  • Saving costs while doing so

These are all real problems that need to be addressed so that they can optimize their writing process while saving their precious time. Nothing could be more worst for writers than wasting time adding up physical text to their writing by typing themselves. 

Writing is a process that starts with extensive research on the subject matter and there are multiple sources to gather the material. 

It is equally possible that you might find something relevant and helpful for your topic in physical papers such as newspapers, magazines, books, and sometimes images that you need to type manually. 

This is where OCR comes in handy for writers. 

The AI-based solution is becoming a more popular problem-solver for writers all over the world. It benefits many writers and makes the writing process easier for them.

Because it reads text from a variety of sources, it can significantly optimize the writer’s efficiency.

So, let’s dive in straight and have a look at how the OCR technology is helpful for writers to get their tasks done easily. 

How OCR technology is useful for writers?

The writing process depends a lot on the way a writer starts it. One of the most common approaches that writers around the world are to use existing material. 

It is pretty understandable that a lot of existing material happens to be in the shape of physical manuscripts, scanned documents, or images. Therefore, for your convenience, here are five ways OCR can ease the writing process for writers:

1. Read physical images quite comprehensively

It often happens that you find physical text, i.e. images or scanned documents, that you want to include in your writing. The text you see in images and scanned documents aren’t editable. 

OCR technology helps writers to take out text from physical images to use in your text and increase your research factor. 

2. Eliminate the need for manual text extraction 

Extracting text from physical formats isn’t easy. Not only is it a difficult task, but it also consumes a substantial amount of time. Moreover, you feel like doing tedious homework that is also incredibly boring. 

To save yourself from this tedious process of text extraction, it’s best to take the help of an OCR tool. 

Thus, OCR technology largely eliminates the need for manual text extraction. Plus, it’s a great service to save your money because no one wants to outsource this work to a freelancer. 

Let’s say you’re writing a research paper and you find so much information in your university library that you want to include it in your paper with accurate source citations. 

Here you can use the OCR tool for that detailed image-to-text extraction. Not only writers, but business people all over the world can take advantage of this remarkable benefit of the OCR tool. 

3. Less chance of errors 

Undoubtedly, mistakes and errors in writing cannot be avoided if we manually convert the text from non-editable to editable formats. 

The whole process is tedious, so you’re more likely to make more mistakes during the conversion. 

However, the online optical recognition technology helps to pull out the text as it’s in the original format. The entire process is automated and based on artificial intelligence, so there’s no margin for error. 

This technology comes more valuable when you’re working on academic research papers or other official documents where there’s no room for small errors. 

4. A better approach to time management

Writers often struggle to complete their tasks on time. With the OCR tool, they can save a lot of time that they’d otherwise waste writing everything from scratch by hand. 

When you have a lot of material in the form of images, it takes a long time to get the text out. OCR is an advanced digital technology that eliminates the need for you to do all this manually. 

Time is precious for writers and the OCR tool facilitates better time management for them to manage their time better.

How to use the OCR tool to extract text?

OCR tool is an excellent service to extract text from scanned images, cursive handwritten texts, and old worn-out book prints. It is very much easier for the OCR tool for scanning the images and convert them into readable and editable formats. 

To get the most out of the tool, it is important for you to learn how to use it. Follow the simple and easy steps below; 

  1. Take a picture taken out of a book intended to use for writing
  2. Upload the picture as an input into the OCR tool
intended to use for writing
  1. Once the picture is uploaded, hit the ‘ GET TEXT’ button. 
  2. Here you will notice, that OCR Online is now scanning this image for text. 
  3. Here’s what we see when it’s done:
scanning this image

Here we can see the editable text has been extracted from the picture we took. It simply proves that OCR can help us with text from images/books like this without any hassle.

The wrap-up 

The above are some reasons why employing optical recognition technology is useful for writers. Undoubtedly, OCR technology is an ever-evolving technical solution that is continuously improving to make life easier for everyone. For writers, it does not only convert physical images quite accurately but also lessens the chance of errors in the final text. 

Writers can also expect some other advantages from an OCR tool such as it saves their precious time and labor. 

So, if you are not using it to make the writing process simpler and easier, we recommend you use it now and take your writing experience to an elevated level. 

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